I like to call these my ‘Lockdown Projects’ which have actually turned into my successful little side hustles – Check them out below!

Digital drawing and Designs

During the initial lockdown of 2020 I purchased a tablet and got to digital drawing. It started off as practice and something to fill the time, digital renderings of my friends and family, patterns and general drawings. After not too long, the enjoyment grew and so did interest from other people.

I’ve had the pleasure of digitalising some special moments for other people and I now offer a variety of digital pieces, both personalised images and my own stock artwork.

Find some of my work here and feel free to email with any purchase quotes and enquiries.

Handmade by Nayture

What started off as painting in my bedroom and taking inspiration from my mum’s garden, has evolved into a loving handmade brand which brings you canvas and textile pieces.

Whilst I am still painting, the textile side of this venture now flourishes even more.

Face mask’s have become a necessity in almost everyones lives whilst there still remains so much uncertainty around the current global pandemic. Why settle for boring and disposable, when you can ?

All of our face mask’s are made with sustainability in mind.


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