The Bird’s and the Bee’s

An adult colouring book like no other!

After receiving a phallic shaped candle as a birthday gift, (best gift ever btw) it lead to a funny but inspirational conversation with my mum. Hear me out, this conversation is what inspired me to make the colouring book, I don’t know how else a conversation about phallic objects would be inspiring.

None the less, the conversation highlighted how many phallic gifts and nicnacs are on the market at the minute, so we asked the following questions..

Is there a ‘phallic’ colouring book on the market right now? No. (After doing some research i couldn’t find anything anyway)

Did I have a tablet capable of making the drawings and the creativity to do it? Yes.

Had I already watched copious amounts of tiktoks about how to publish a book on Amazon KPD publishing? Yes.

After months of drawing and working out how to actually upload all of the drawings into a book format, we have a book and it’s actually on amazon, ready to purchase. HOW MENTAL IS THAT

The book is made up of 20 pages to colour, each one filled with florals and genitals and I am so incredibly proud of it! Click on any of the amazon links on this page to take you straight to it. Quick, go check it out!!

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