Wellness Offerings




Take a look at the live classes running now and book HERE.

- Calm and Collected
Guided breathwork and meditation classes, designed to calm the nervous system and take control of the overloaded mind.

PRIVATE CLASSES (online/in-person)
Private classes can be a great way to create a nourishing space and experience with your friends, family, sports teams or co-workers.

- Yoga 
Yoga classes can be designed to suit the needs of the person or group. Do you have a goal you'd like to reach or just give space and time to connect to and move the body? 

- Breathwork & meditation
Combining the practices of the breath and meditation allow for an expansive experience. With the use of breathwork techniques, we can begin to support and alter our nervous system to create a more aligned inner world.

Contact us to discuss options and availabilities.

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