Yoga Offerings

Due to location, all offerings are virtual. Please get in touch via email or book a consultation call to discuss your request.

1-1 Therapeutic Yoga

My 1-1 yoga classes are aimed to be used as a therapeutic and holistic tool to aid you in all aspects of your life. Personalised yoga aims to help you relieve stress and anxiety through meditation, breathing and postures so you can choose how the class will run to best suit you.

In the 1-1 sessions you will get a deeper and more tailored yoga experience by developing your own personal strength, flexibility and breath work. We will tailor them to your own personal practice and experience and together we will design a program targeting your specific goals and needs.

Private classes

Private classes can be a great way to create a nourishing space and experience with your friends, family, sports teams or co-workers.

My aim is to create the perfect yoga class to match the needs and wants of your participants.

Do you have an idea of what you want from a class? Let me know or check out my speciality offerings below.

Speciality Classes


Restorative yoga is a gentle practice and is suitable for all levels of yoga, including complete beginners.

By taking each movement and asana slowly, we allow ourselves to delve deeply into each position, breathing life into all areas of the body.

Restorative yoga takes control of your autonomic nervous system by shifting from a fight-or-flight response to your relaxation response. During each class you can escape your day-to-day worries and release all tensions.


Hatha yoga, also considered yoga for all, focuses on moving the body with intention through a series of different poses to challenge, explore and improve your strength and flexibility.

As with all yoga practices hatha brings a key focus on allowing yourself to be present on the mat, be mindful within the body and create a space of no judgement where you can develop the mind, body and soul.

Hatha Flow

My hatha flow classes differ to hatha classes by putting a level of importance in exploring the flow from one move to another.

As a passionate (non-professional) dancer, I find beauty in gentle and continuous movement, so I enjoy being able to create flows that sweep from one asana to the next with poise and grace.

Although guided, the class allows you to explore how your body feels moving from pose to pose and gives you the opportunity to feel as though you are floating through the class.