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Hi, I’m Naomi and this is my story…

Life up to Now
Growing up in a small city in the West Midlands I was into sports, had good friends, saw myself being a professional business woman when I grew up and worked my way through the education system from nursery to University.
I frequently changed my mind on what I did want to do when I ‘grew up’ which led me to decide on taking Business Studies at university. However, with a few last-minute open days booked in before submitting my final choices, I stumbled across the built environment section which lit a spark in me I forgot I had. As a child I was always building houses and designing miniature rooms out of cardboard boxes, when sims came out I was in absolute heaven, spending hours and hours on end building dream houses (thank you Motherload – if you know, you know) and very rarely actually playing with the sims themselves. I loved building and designing things and boy let me tell you I was (and still am) a fan of Homes Under the Hammer, so when I saw a Property Development degree I jumped at the chance! After vaguely looking over the prospectus and quite frankly not having a clue what any of the module titles meant, I thought you know what – F* it, I’m just going to go for it. And so I did, leading me to eventually finding a career in Building Surveying.

After being so set on studying business, stumbling across this degree and falling into a job which I LOVED, I really began to reflect on how the smallest action of being curious changed my life projection completely.

Unfortunately as much and I loved what I did as a career, life took a turn and although on paper my life was ‘perfect’ (I say this very loosely because now my definition of perfect isn’t defined by what I have) having a great boyfriend, job, family, friends, living in a great city – a depression that had been slowly brewing overtime hit me like a tonne of bricks. And as much as I tried to push it down and tell myself ‘You’ve got everything, you shouldn’t feel like this.’ it all got too much, and in September 2019 started one of the most difficult periods of my life.

In 2020 I put a pause in my career and planned to travel the world, giving myself the opportunity to find myself again after feeling so lost, which was all pretty swiftly put to a halt with the pandemic. And although at the time this felt like the worst thing that could happen to my year, I became to realise that it was exactly what I needed. Being at home with family and friends, living a minimal life, surrounded by love and hope allowed me to take a step back and view my life for what it was and take a look at what it was that I truly wanted!
After the pandemic began to ease away and life started to look a little more ‘normal’ for most, travel once again became my primary focus. However, this time with a clear head, no antidepressants and an honest and true desire to tap into what I really wanted from life.

Which has all lead me to here… Travelling the world, teaching yoga and learning every day whilst living a life I had honestly never even imagined.

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The Evolution of Nomeyo
I suppose Nomeyo officially began back in 2011, when Instagram had started to become the next big thing and I didn’t want to have my name associated with my Social Media account. If I had to pinpoint where the word Nomeyo actually came from, I’d be inclined to say that it was because of various friends and family who call me Naoms, and then the evolution in my head went something like: Naoms – Nomes – Gnomes – Gnomeo and Juliette (Great film) – Nomeyo. And there we had it, Nomeyo was created.

Like many teenage girls in the early 2010’s, being a blogger became the new way I could try to get famous. So before my page is what it is now, my Instagram @nomeyo would bring you here, which began as a ‘fashion and lifestyle blog’ where I would post about my DIY fashion ‘hacks’ and my favourite makeup products of the moment. Granted the most makeup I would wear was some mascara and silver eyeshadow and my fashion sense at the time involved a questionable white vest with a skull cut out of the back… I’m not too surprised I didn’t take off and become the Zoella of my time.
And as little as that blog took off, I kept it around and over time it became my travel blog and now, an amalgamation of travel, wellness and yoga. Let’s see what it looks like in another 5 years time!

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My Yoga Story
From a young age I danced and did competitive gymnastics, I have my mum to thank for this – she was a ballerina and as soon as I was old enough I was in baby ballet! Until the age of 10 I danced, and then changed directions, getting into gymnastics. After being consistent with training and competing at a national level, I slowly grew out of love with doing and began teaching. This then became my part time job for the next 6 years during school, college and some of university.

When I graduated and joined the corporate world, I put my coaching days behind me and once again pursued doing gymnastics – attending some adult classes, amongst filling my time with other fun classes such as pole dancing, aerial hoop, heels dance classes and yoga! Doing all of these things were fun and enjoyable, but with the underlying reason of trying to keep fit and healthy.

In 2019 when I began to delve into the more spiritual side of life to help with my mental health, it became clearer how yoga was so much more than a form of exercise and that all of these spiritual practices I’d began to follow, originated from yoga itself.
In 2021 whilst spending time in Costa Rica, I became a regular at a beautiful yoga school, and felt so inspired by the amazing teachers i was learning from. Not long after my time in Costa Rica, I headed to Mexico and booked onto my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and wow was this expansive. My initial aim for doing the training was to be able to give myself more opportunities for travel and see the world. Little did I know that doing this teacher training would quite literally change my life and spark a fire in me I didn’t know was there.

I’m still so early in my Yoga teaching life, but I have so much to give and my heart feels so full every time I’m able to give the gift of yoga to others. Yoga in all of it’s facets has taught me so much and allowed me to expand in so many ways. I want to give this blessing to others and show that you can take the parts of yoga and spirituality that align with your life and respectfully leave the rest.

Do I practice yoga every single day? Do I meditate every single day? Am I always mindful? Do I always keep my cool? The answer to all of these questions is no. But does that make me a bad yogi – No, it doesn’t! I believe that Yoga and it’s 8 limbs are there to be explored and developed on a personal basis.
You don’t have to aspire for ascension in order to take the benefits of Yoga and spirituality into your day to day. Like everything in life I believe that because everyone is so different, some things who suit one person may not suit another, and it’s completely ok to take and choose what suits you. As with everything, being respectful to the origins is so important, but as long as you do so you can enjoy the realms of Yoga and spirituality how best suits you!

My aim when sharing yoga and other practices is to allow people to come into awareness and explore what works for you as an individual.

Life is for learning and exploring everyday.

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