‘You’re So Brave Travelling Alone’

So 7 times out of 10 (i’d say 9 is a little too high and even more cliché) i’ve told someone i’m going travelling it’s gone a little something like this:

(Them): Aw wow you’re going travelling, that’s so exciting! Are you going with your boyfriend?

(Me): Nope.

(Them): Friends??

(Me): Nope, I’m going on my own.

(Them): Oh wow you’re so brave, I could never do that!

And, every. Single. Time. It feels like someones let a wild pack of dogs loose in my head. The thoughts start to bounce around, the doubt, the worry and everything else. Why are they concerned, should I be concerned? Am I really doing the right thing? Am I brave enough to do this?

To be honest with you, I’m not the bravest person and honestly, never in my 22 years of living would I have thought i’d be doing this, going travelling on my own. But I think the main thing that is keeping me going is the benefits i’ll get from doing this on my own.

I could go travelling with a friend and that would be great, but I feel like I need a push in my life – the push to experience the unknown, stepping outside of my comfort zone, forcing myself into situations i’ve never had to be in before.

I’d say my life has been pretty comfortable, i’ve never put myself out there and done something on my own. I mean even going to University I went with people I knew and had two friends from college living in the block next door. I didn’t go there just because they were but, that’s the way it happened.

Obviously i’m SO excited for the experiences, seeing the sights, meeting new people, trying new foods. Yet I think i’m most excited about how this is going to change me – change the way I handle situations when I get back to my ‘normal’ life at the end of the year. I’m excited to make mistakes and learn from them, learn how to be myself, by myself, take every little thing that I do in my stride and just learn how to live in the moment.

So no, I wouldn’t say i’m being brave, brave insinuates that i’m scared to start off with. I’m not scared or worried. I’m positive. I’m excited. I’m AMBITIOUS. It’s not bravery, it’s ambition.

2 thoughts on “‘You’re So Brave Travelling Alone’

  1. Kat

    What’s your experience like traveling alone? I always wish I was more brave like you, and that I could bite the bullet and just book a ticket somewhere, but I worry about safety as a solo female. How do you get past those thoughts?


    • Nomeyo

      Overall it’s been a lifechanging experience! I’ve almost been travelling pretty much solo for a year now, which is crazy to think and of course there have been occasions where i’ve felt uncomfortable, but I’ve been smart and not allowed the situations to go any further or have gotten myself the hell out of there. It’s no different to the dangers of visiting places in your own country, unfortunately there are bad people all over the world. I think a great way to start is by doing little things alone, start small and work your way up to a big trip. Walk before you run, just go to a hostel for the night in an area of the city you’ve never been before, the next time if you feel like it go bigger, go to the next city along and work your way up to booking that flight across the world! You have to take charge of every situation you’re in. You’re a braver person than most for even wanting to travel solo, be confident in your actions, trust your gut and do your research before you go anywhere. In most cases, solo travellers are never really alone – so many people are around you and in the same situation. Sending you lots of love and encouragement xx


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